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Extremely Exotic Stains!


Stupid Quotes!

"That just cracks my crackers" - Holly

"Did you know it runs in our family that we're white?" - Holly

"Can you get my necklace out of my pants?" - Lara

"But what are we going to get the kids?"-what Monica thought Lara said at China King

"What's a Busia?" - Chris Kirkpatrick in Lara's dream

"Are you speaking Chinese?" - Holly

"Aah, finally, relief of my butt." - Lara


"What's a bosom?" - Lara

"My girlfriend fell off my ear!" - Lara

"Who gives a mama?" - Holly

"All goes according to plan" - Lara

"Grab her pants!" - Lara

"HERPES!" - Sarah

"Get out of my way, tree!" - Lara

"Where are my freakin' pantyhose!?!" - Lara

"I take my deoderant everywhere I go!" - Lara

"My name is Cowboy Gretchina and Steve from Blue's Clues lives next door. I watch him with bonoculars through my window." - Sarah

"I'm homo-intolerant" -what Holly and Sarah thought Lara said (she actually said "I'm whole milk intolerant")

"I'll just get another roll of socks and put em in my pants right here" -Lara

"Just grab it and pinch it" -Lara

"That's how I got into beef" -Lara

"Cold Beer! Bud Light! Labatt Blue!" -Holly

"I'm coming Balto!" -Hiawatha a.k.a. Lara

"I'm tryin to pull my pants down" -Holly

"Eww, I stink" -Lara

"You better stop it, or i'll smack you in the cracker!" -Sarah

"Let's get jigga!" -Monica

"I'll give you a nickle if you tickle my pickle" -Nikki, Holly's sister

"I'm totally a virgin!" -What Sarah and Jess thought Holly said

"Yo, yo, I was eatin' Spongebob" -Sarah

"This thing's up my crack!" -Lara

"It's cold, I don't have any pants on" -Holly

"Which way do I pee?" -Holly

"Larry! Larry! Larry Dejonghe!" -Holly

"Look at me, I'm Larry!" -Holly in a strange and high voice

"Aw man, now I gotta wash my pants" -Lara

"I loved that Water Tower like it was my Brother!" -Holly

"I will, if I could just hurry up and get pregnant!" -Sarah

"I have no boobs!" -Lara

"I wish I could pregnant myself!" -Sarah

"I have to take the toiletpaper out of my bra!" -Holly

"Lara, you really need boobs" -Sarah

"What size feet do you wear?" -Kayleigh, Lara's cousin

"I can't even remember the last time I took a bath" -Sarah

"I consider myself just brown" -Lara

"I got to tell my uncle to give me my underwear back!" - Sarah

"Chorus is not for singing! It is for socializing and doing your homework!" -Sarah

"My underwear AND my bra are at my Uncle's house!" - Sarah

"Me and Holly don't NEED alcohol to act drunk!" - Sarah

"Spank the horse!" - Holly

"Excuse me, can you get me back up there?" - Holly to some random guy after she was dropped while crowd-surfing.

"GCGC" - Sarah (stands for Good Charlotte, instead of YMCA)

"Well at least her butt doesn't breathe" -Lara

"So, what about me doin the salsa?" -Lara

"You should've heard me in the bathroom, it sounded so big!" -Holly

"Who's Chi-Chi?" -Holly

"She sings pretty good for a black lady....a black OLD old lady." -Holly

"Me and pip are black! Black is better!" -Sarah

"Sparkie's half Puerto Rican!" - Sarah

"I lost the fetus yesterday but no worries, I found it!" - Monica

"Wait! Mines down too! Mayday! Mayday!" -Holly when she saw her zipper was down.

"Auntie Em, Auntie Em, a Twister is Coming!" - Holly before twisting Nikki's nipples

"Go away Nikki! We're trying to impregnate ourselves!" -Sarah

"Ow, my Boob! It's not a rest stop!" -Holly

"I'm sorry! I just like touching your rip!" - Holly

"Pulp free is the way to be" -Holly (singing)

"This might be a problem, when we're married." -Holly to Sarah

"It is nice...if your horny!" -Sarah

"The otter is my friend, the otter is my friend, the colors of the wind, the otter is my friend." -Sarah and Holly (rapping)

"Would you like another kiss?" -Holly to Sarah

"I always play it black." -Holly

"Why does it make me tingle?" -Holly

"Hey! If you marry Benji and I marry Joel, we'll be related!" Sarah to Holly, her COUSIN

"She was tickling my tail!" -Monica

"I always grab my butt when I do this" -Holly

"Yes..this is my girlfriend." -Monica

"Hey it's Stuffy and Chalky!" -What Holly and Sarah thought Lara said (she actually said "Hey it's Shawn and Stephanie")

"I smell like a hot dog" - Sarah

"I'm hobophobic" - Sarah

"I'm being humped!" - Holly

"At Least your not being humped by a GIRL!" - Sarah

"Guide me to the hole!" -Holly

"It's you! Your makin me wet!" -Holly to sum dude at the GC concert cuz he had water spilled on his leg an it wuz gettin on holly..