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Stupid Moments

Extremely Exotic Stains!



-I was at Waldameer Park with Sarah in the bathrooms and we talking because our stalls were right next to each other. I didn't realize that Sarah was already out of her stall when I was still talking. All these people were looking at me weird cuz I was talking to nobody.

-The same day at Waldameer I was walking and not looking where I was going and I tripped over a baby stroller. Luckily there was no baby in it!

-The same day Sarah and I were standing by a Karaoke show at Waldameer and our favorite singer was DJ (a country singer). Anyways, he came over and said "do u want my autograph?" or something like that, and we said yah and gave him a notebook to sign in. He asked me "What's your name?" but I couldn't really hear what he asked over the music so I just shrugged and said "I dunno"

-I was at a BBQ on Memorial Day with Sarah. We had to use the bathroom but when I opened the women's bathroom door, there was an old man standing in there staring at us! So I said, "oops, wrong room!" (even though it wasn't!) and shut the door and just left.

-I was at Wal-mart and I was taking one of those big balls and like 5 came rollin out so I ran.

-Again at Wal-mart when I was throwing one of the balls it hit someone in the head.

-When me and Sarah's famillies were going to Pennsylvania, we stopped at Mcdonalds to eat and it was almost 90 degrees out. We went inside and I started waving my armpits like they were gettin sweaty. Some woman that was leaving just smiled at me and walked out


-I was at Cedar Point (Sanduskey, Ohio) with Monica and Lara. I went into the bathroom while they were talking. I looked around cuz I knew somethin wasn't right. Then I noticed that there was a GUY washing his hands and looking at me weird. I was in the men's bathroom! lol So I just turned around and walked out casually and went into the girl's room. Lara and Monica didn't even realize what I did until I told them.

-I was with Holly at the movies. I went to the 25 cent machine to get a toy after the movie. Then, we left and after we got home, when I got out of the van, Holly noticed that I had melted Junior Mints all over my butt.

-Holly and I were getting ice cream at the fair. We forgot to pay, and as we were walking away the guy said "Five dollars" in an evil way. So we paid him, and he said "that was smooth".

-Holly and I were at my Uncle Richie's house and we wanted to ride the four-wheeler but we were to afraid to ask so we made my brother Nick do it for us. He went up to my uncle Richie and said, "Holly and Sarah are scared of you so they dont want to ask you, but can they ride the four-wheeler?"

-I was in 3rd grade at my new school, NCCS. I was in the cafeteria getting my lunch and I went to sit down. At every table, there are 2 benches and a space in between them. Stupid me, I sat right in that space and fell on my butt, with food going everywhere. All the lunch ladies were running over, "Are you alright honey?" and of course, everyone else was laughing, I probably would have been too if my butt bone didn't hit that concrete floor.

-In eighth grade our class went to Boston, MA. We were swimming in the hotel pool playing chicken when I smacked my head and got a bloody nose. After I got out of the pool, I was running to get a towel and I slipped and fell flat on my back.

-About a month ago, The woman who came to pick me up to go babysitting was waiting out front for me. It was slippery because it had been raining for a while. I ran out to the car and on the sidewalk I was slipping all around. It looked like I was doing some kind of weird dance.

-I had been doing my English paper when my bird was on my computer desk. I handed it in and the next day she handed it back in class after she graded it. I didn't notice until I looked it over that there was bird poop smeared on the back of one of the sheets...hopefully she didn't notice lol

-Holly, Jess, and me were at Holly's house alone for the weekend and Holly's gramma had left us money for pizza. We ordered, but the pizza man came early and we didn't know where the money was. So we were all running around the house like crazy for about 10 minutes before I finally found it in my pocket :) blonde moment..