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I Used to Go to the Zoo

Extremely Exotic Stains!

Written by Holly and Sarah

I used to go to the zoo
I used to play with the monkeys
I used to play in the snow
I used to ride the elephant
I used to kiss the dingoes
I used to eat hamburgers
I used to eat with my friend Joe
I used to drink Pepsi Cola
I used to drink with my friend Bo
I used to walk all around
I used to sing at the zoo
I used to kiss my mama
I miss my mama so
I used to drive a golf cart
I used to beep the horn
Everyone used to love me
Til I stole a piece of corn
I stole that corn from a monkey
That monkey was my best friend
I got sued by that monkey
I got banned from the pen
The zookeeper told me
That I couldn't come back
I cried to my mama
And She gave me a smack
I miss my elephant
I miss my golf cart
I miss my monkey
I guess I'm not that smart
I used to go to the Zoo...