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Hard Rock

Extremely Exotic Stains!

Written by Lara and Sarah

Clear the road, I'm 16
Pick up a monster truck magazine
I turned up the jams
Cuz I heard my song
You'll find me dancin' all night long
I called up my peeps
I stopped by their stoop
and before they knew it
they were jammin' too
and the golden eye looked over at you
Cuz it saw that you were rockin' too
The cops stopped by
They said it's much too loud
I said hey man yo check this out
and before it hit midnight
The cops were in the zone
They were dancin' tight
and they weren't dancin' alone.
Before it hit four
My legs started to give
But I just couldn't stop
This was my night to live.
Six o'clock my mom came home
I tried to run
But I tripped on a lawn gnome.
"Run, Scatter, I'll meet you at Joe's!"
But before I could get up my mom grabbed me by the toes.
She pulled me upstairs
and into my room
She said "you're grounded"
But what did I do?
That's what I call
Hard Rock
All night long
Hard Rock
Til the break of dawn
Hard Rock
So I was chillin' in my room
Wit' nuttin to do
I turned on my radio
and Playstation 2
I felt my floor vibrate
and cd's fell off the shelf
What was goin' on
I had to find out for myself.
So I crept down the stairs
and I saw a scary sight..
Granny Flo and Uncle Moe
Were dancin' with Old Dwight
The disco ball was spinnin' round
and I had to ask what was goin' down.
"Yo grams, why ya up so late?"
"Ya think I don't party cuz I'm 78?"
My ma looked shocked
You should've seen her face
But I said "Rock On!"
So she cranked up the bass.
Repeat Chorus