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Fast Break

Extremely Exotic Stains!

Written by Holly and Sarah

I went to work
At Mickey D's
My shirt got caught
In the dishwasher machine
My shirt ripped off
I wasn't wearing a bra
I forgot I left it'
In my boyfriend's car
I ran to the bathroom
as fast as I could
I peed on the toilet
I forgot to lift the hood
Then I realized
I was in the men's room
All of a sudden
I heard a great boom
I noticed I let out a fart
O my God!
Some guy just fell apart
I couldn't take it
the smell was too much
I needed to go
On a fast break for lunch
I went on a fast break
I never came back
I blew some guy apart
O my Gosh! What a fart!
I ran down the street
yellin' help me please
a cop pulled over
I said, "You got any cheese?"
He said, "Get in the car,
you're goin' downtown,
and if you don't -
I'll send you to the pound."
I got right in
I had no choice
I blew another one
and he said "Oh boy"
"Get out of my car,
You psyco person!
Was that a wet one?
Did you stain my cushion?"
I got right out
and walked down the street
I was cold and hungry
and I had bare feet
It was a wet one,
he was right
I had no shirt on
and it was snowing that night.
I have no boyfriend
I hage no job
I have no friends
and I joined the mob.